Phase II Products - Resilience Opportunities

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Vulnerability Assessment Report:

The report and appendices below describe the two-county vulnerability assessment and its findings, concluding with a presentation of 63 specific geographic areas where adaptation and resilience opportunities can be identified to address flood-related risks, extreme heat, or both. Assessment tools described in this report can be used by communities in their own resiliency planning.

Download Vulnerability Assessment Report, Dec. 2021

Appendix A: Stakeholder Workshop Reports
Appendix B: Social Vulnerability Mapping Resource Review
Appendix C: Flood and Heat CCVI Contributor List
Appendix D: TOD and Future Planned Development Review
Appendix E: TOD Heat and Flood CCVI Summary Statistics
Appendix F: Zones of Shared Risk Narratives
Appendix G: TOD and ZSR analysis
Appendix H: Affordable Housing with Proximity to TOD

Executive Summary:

This shorter document provides a high-level review of the full report's vulnerability analysis and importantly, is organized by the four Council of Governments for a better understanding of regional vulnerability. A description of vulnerability through the lense of assets and infrastructure in the two counties is also described as are the 63 identified specific areas for resilience opportunities.