The Resilient Connecticut project draws and expands on CIRCA's history of stakeholder engagement while increasing ways that we communicate with those most impacted by climate change. Two engagement goals of this project include:

  1. Develop and implement programs and materials for a wide range of stakeholders including state agencies, municipal and councils of government (COG) staff, elected officials, design and engineering firms, and environmental consultants.
  2. Provide technical expertise and planning support for resilience activities by collecting ideas, resources, and comments to share with broad audiences and incorporate into project outcomes.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

Events are hosted regularly throughout the project and include annual Resilient Connecticut Summits with diverse organizations, workshops on more specific topics, and trainings on the use of technical tools.

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Previous Engagement Activities

Check out materials from CIRCA's past events, workshops and webinars including agendas, recordings and slide decks below.