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As an organization, CIRCA has a long history of developing significant relationships with stakeholders, especially those already engaged in climate resilience work. The Resilient Connecticut project draws and expands on that existing work while increasing the ways in which we communicate with those most impacted by climate change.

Engagement Goal

One major goal of the Resilient Connecticut project is to develop and implement programs and materials for a wide range of stakeholders including state agencies, municipal and councils of government (COG) staff, elected officials, design and engineering firms, and environmental consultants. These activities foster an informed constituency in support of resilience and climate adaptation policies, programs, and projects in Connecticut.

Another major goal is providing technical expertise and planning support that will lead to the development of climate resilience opportunities that support vulnerable communities.

Resilient Connecticut Stakeholder Engagement Guiding Principles

Throughout the Resilient Connecticut Project, we will use the following guiding principles to support stakeholder engagement goals:

  • Employ an open and transparent process
  • Co-create knowledge with collaborators and stakeholders
  • Collect and utilize meaningful stakeholder feedback
  • Establish a foundation for longer-term regional resilience planning and implementation
  • Seek to understand stakeholder interests and needs related to Resilient Connecticut goals
  • Focus on developing resources and capacity that meet the needs of communities
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage with and contribute to Resilient Connecticut

Engaging to Inform Resilient Connecticut

We're collecting ideas, resources, and comments all along the way and incorporating them into the project.

Ways to Engage

  • Send us your ideas on what makes a "Resilient Connecticut"
  • Tell us what you need to understand climate change, identify adaptation options, or develop resiliency strategies in your communities
  • Share feedback on our products
  • Attend our events
  • Follow us on Social Media

Training Class


Webinars are an opportunity to share new products, connect with stakeholders, and develop climate change vulnerability & adaptation knowledge among decision-makers. Webinars happen at least every other month and are recorded for later viewing.

View past webinars on CIRCA's YouTube channel


Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups serve important functions throughout the Resilient Connecticut Project.


Capacity Building Partnerships

CIRCA and partners will develop policy white papers, fact sheets, and case studies in addition to capacity building that will occur through the events listed above.

Training Class


Events are hosted regularly throughout the project and include workshops, webinars, annual Resilient Connecticut Summits, Innovative Design Trainings, Engineering for Coastal Resilience Trainings, and regular webinars between events.