Zones of Shared Risk of Coastal Towns Dataset

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Brief Description:

Six maps are available for the 14 coastal towns in the study area including topography, flooding projections, ecological systems, structures & roadways, and land uses & social characteristics and combined zones of shared risk maps. These six maps are in jpeg and pdf format and available in the Download section below.

Temporal Coverage:

The temporal coverage of each file depends on the period for all the source files. The datasets included in the study aim to cover either the most comprehensive or recent data to represent the current situation. Please refer to the documentation.

Spatial Coverage:

All maps cover 14 coastal towns of Connecticut. The spatial resolution for each file depends on the source file resolution. The dataset included in the study aims to cover the highest available resolution of data. Please refer to the documentation.

Update Schedule:

• Recently updated in February 2021.

Usage Restrictions:


Detailed Description:

A Zone of Shared Risk includes the houses, land, infrastructure, hydrological, ecological, social, and institutional elements that contribute to the functioning of a place. Resilience corridors utilize the concept of urban redevelopment corridors as a mechanism to adapt coastal urban areas at risk. The resilience corridor supports transportation, utilities, stormwater and habitats, and economic development that connect the upland areas of Connecticut where resources exist (resilience zones) down to shorefront communities.


For more information about source datasets and the methodology, please click HERE.

Related File Naming & Structure Information:

Dataset Format and Size:
• The compressed files do not exceed 50 MB.
• The file includes five pdf map files. The folders are in zipped format.



Greenwich Westport Milford Branford
Stamford Fairfield West Haven Guilford
Darien Bridgeport New Haven Madison
Norwalk Stratford East Haven



For dataset source, please cite: Wu, T., Fragomeni, M.,  and Minutti, P. (2020) Resilient Connecticut Coastal Towns Zones of Shared Risk Dataset, (v.1), [Maps], University of Connecticut, Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation, Retrieved from

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Data Disclaimer:

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