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Connecticut Coastal Towns Storm Annual Exceedance Probability/Return Interval

The highest 44 storms between 1950-2018 were reproduced using a coupled circulation and wave model to show the annual exceedance probability (or return period) of storm surge water levels and significant wave height for each of Connecticut's 24 coastal towns.  The results presented in a tool, data, and journal article  highlight the storm surge water levels and significant wave heights, which may contribute to a better understanding of extreme storms and guide decision-makers.

Coastal Vulnerability Index

This map viewer is a GIS based tool to express a one-dimensional, interactive risk index at multiple scales. The influence of different factors to the effects of sea level rise are incorporated to help users visualize the relationship between environmental, socio-economic, and built contributors in terms of exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity at a range of locations. The tool indicates a high to low rank for coastal vulnerability from the impacts of sea level rise.

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