Phase III

Phase III of Resilient Connecticut will develop location specific projects that build on Phase II Resilience Opportunity Areas (ROARS) with detailed analysis for implementation. Consultant teams are developing scientifically informed adaptation strategies and scoping the engineering and infrastructure components to 30% conceptual design for the seven projects below. For each project, feasibility and implementation strategies will be evaluated including historic and environmental permitting considerations, as well as a cost estimates, funding pathways, and coordination and alignment with Federal and State climate resilience programs.

Ansonia: The resilient Ansonia project focuses on adapting to current and future climate induced flooding impacts in the downtown area and mitigating extreme heat impacts for residents.


Ansonia Project Description

Ansonia Resilience Opportunity Map Portfolio

Branford: This project will address flooding from the Branford River, which occurs when the river (a tidally-influenced estuary) overtops its banks and water flows through an underpass serving a one-way street off Indian Neck Road at the railroad grade.


Branford Project Description

Branford Resilience Opportunity Map Portfolio

Danbury: In addition to critical roadways and egress routes impacted by flooding, this project will assess future conditions and adaptation alternatives to mitigate flood and heat risks for critical facilities along Main Street, existing affordable housing complexes such as Danbury Commons, and private properties and future development.


Danbury Project Description

Danbury Resilience Opportunity Map Portfolio

Fair Haven: This project focuses on developing adaptation strategies to mitigate current and future climate induced flooding impacts to community assets and transportation corridors, as well as developing strategies to help mitigate the impacts of extreme heat for vulnerable community residents.


Fair Haven Project Description

Fair Haven Resilience Opportunity Map Portfolio



Fairfield: This project focuses on adapting to current and future climate induced flooding impacts to downtown Fairfield transportation routes where flood risk from storm surge and tidal flooding, extreme precipitation, and riverine flooding occurring simultaneously would present significant public safety challenges to residents, hinder the use of transit, and impair numerous small businesses.


Fairfield Project Description

Fairfield Resilience Oppportunity Area Map Portfolio

South Norwalk: This project focuses on mitigating the impacts of current and future climate induced flooding that impede access to lifelines and evauation routes from key neighborhoods and community assets as well as to help mitigate the impacts of extreme heat for the community.

South Norwalk Project Description

South Norwalk Resilience Opportunity Area Map Portfolio

Stratford South End: This planning effort will: 1) focus on detailed review of the proposed South End and Employment Growth District’s flood mitigation strategies from Stratford’s community resilience plan; 2) provide an assessment of ongoing implementation challenges; and 3) recommend updated or alternative strategies that can be developed as implementable projects to maximize the town’s resilience goals.


Stratford South End Project Description

Stratford South End Resilience Opportunity Area Map Portfolio