Media Coverage

CIRCA Mentioned in UConn Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s 2023 Year End Review

  Dear Colleague: I’m delighted to share with you our year in review, UConn Research 2023. You, our OVPR professionals, are behind each of the stories highlighted here. Each one of you, whether you work in preaward or postaward, compliance or animal care, communications, research development, technology commercialization, or any other area of our operations, […]

Connecticut Public Radio Where We Live

Jim O’Donnell interviewed on Connecticut Public’s program Where We Live The Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation was created after Superstorm Sandy. Executive Director James O’Donnell said flooding will continue to be an issue for shoreline residents like Dmochowski as sea levels rise and climate change makes the region warmer and wetter. Learn More Listen Here […]

CIRCA Highlighted on Untold: A CT Mirror Podcast

Listen here: Untold Podcast Episode Untold: In the climate crisis, who’s really feeling the heat? The planet’s getting warmer, but we’re not all feeling the effects in the same way. In a recent episode of Untold, Harriet Jones goes inside Resilient Connecticut, one of the state’s biggest climate adaptation efforts, to find out how our towns […]

CIRCA Interview on NPR: How The Climate Crisis is Affecting Connecticut’s Future

After years of warning from scientists, the global climate crisis is impacting Americans across the country. This year, we’ve already seen unprecedented ice storms across Texas and one of the worst droughts in modern history in the west. But what kind of changes can we expect in Connecticut? Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean from NPR’s Disrupted, […]

NBC CT feature on Sea level Rise

Sea Level Rise: How Well Is Connecticut Preparing? Len Besthoff and Meteorologist Kaitlyn McGrath interviewed Executive Director, James O’Donnell This story aired May 17, 2021. Scientists including Professor Jim O’Donnell at the UConn Avery Point campus in Groton have said sea level rise has been accelerating at a rate, where within 30 years, it could […]